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frequently asked questions

1Can we arrange for you to travel to specific areas

Of course! We understand how large and non-portable some equipment can be and we are always happy to arrange for a 'house call' if needs be and quite often repairs can be done on the spot. Astronomy Academy believes in education in everything that we do so we are always happy to explain as we go.

2Would you suggest a group session or one on one?

Depending on the level and where you are at with your Astrophotography journey both can be beneficial. Group sessions are great if you just need that little bit of guidance to get that much further with your photographs and also offer a great opportunity for a social night. If you are just starting out though a one on one training session is amazing for you to take in a large amount of knowledge in one go.

3How often do you hold the classroom training?

Our classroom training is done periodically and generally during the winter months when there isn't a lot of clear skies. This is a perfect time to brush up on those processing skills.

4How long does it take to reach the Observatory area?

Our observatory area is located in New Norcia which is about 2 hours from Perth

5Can you assist me in purchasing the correct telescope for my needs?

Of course, not only can we assist but we can arrange for customized package deals specifically suited to your needs along with bundled training and sessions