EQ8 Hypertune

QA On the Octans tents completed!
March 9, 2020

Recently i thought I’de do a little work on the EQ8 to show you what can be done. Sure, they are an amazing mount, Sure your getting pretty good guiding but, what can the mount do?

Well the EQ8 was completely stripped down, worm carrier bearings replaced, all taper and roller bearings ultrasonically cleaned and lubricated with our choice of lubricants and I can tell you now that the EQ8 did not disappoint.

Prior to the Hypertune, the mount averaged 0.3″ RMS Total error in PHD2 using the 305mm Newt (1500mm FL @ 36kg) and an all time best of 0.28″ RMS Total. The mount now averages 0.23″ RMS Total error with a staggering error of 0.19″ RMS. Remember this is taken in suburban Perth on a warm night (25 deg C).

So if you haven’t serviced your high performance mount in a long time and your struggling to hit the numbers above, why not contact us to discuss what can be done?

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