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When looking up at the stars the most minute inaccuracies become greatly exaggerated and can mean the difference between great or poor results. Astronomy Academy provides a quality set of services that help in aiding your Telescope and or Telescope Mount’s accuracy to greatly contribute to taking that perfect photo, pin point goto seeking accuracy and enjoy sub arc-second guiding without the backlash on easily accessible equipment.
We do not discriminate and have experience in working with all Telescope brands including but not limited to Skywater, Celestron, Losmandy and Meade. We have a large amount of knowledge in supporting software applications such as Sequence Generator Pro, PHD, Pixinsight, Adobe Photoshop and Maxim DL to name a few and provide individual, classroom and in-the-field training to assist you in your journey of exploration.

Mount Hypertuning

Let's face it who can afford one of Software Bisque mounts, archive similar performance and get your mount Hypertuned and services with Astronomy Academy today.
Pending physical restrictions in mount manufacturing (Periodic Error) all discernible backlash is removed and Periodic Error and “Mechanical Noise” induced by transfer gears is removed. The noise the mount makes during slewing operations due to gearing is also removed.

  • Belt Modification A belt modification reduces running noise, improves accuracy and periodic error taking your mount's accuracy to the next level.
  • Bearing Replacement The majority of accessible telescope mounts are made to a cost that is attractive to the buyer, a bearing replacement will remove sources of inaccuracies and help to minimize any backlash in your mounts mechanics.
  • Strip & Clean After years of use grit and grime can build up inside of your mounts gear system. A full strip, ultrasonic clean and re-lubrication with high-quality PTFE lubricants will have your mount functioning like it is beyond new.
  • 12 Months Warranty Any mount that receives a Hypertune comes with a full 12 month warranty on any parts and labour performed. This supersedes original manufacture warranties.

You wouldn't purchase an expensive car and not get it serviced, your telescope realistically is no different. When you are seeking the ultimate performance Hypertuning will give you that extra edge to help you take the perfect photo.

Mount Servicing

It is recommended that you get your mount serviced regularly to maintain optimum performance. A yearly service can actually prevent issues from happening and prolong the life of your investment

We service all types of mounts, perform firmware upgrades, problem isolation and repair, strip down and clean services, help with balancing and advice.

Telescope Upgrades

With electronics expertise, access to 3d printing and CNC technologies, nothing is too hard for Astronomy Acadamy to accomplish.

We can perform many different upgrades for SCT, Newtonian, RC, Astrograph configured, and Refractor type telescopes.

Telescope Servicing

Your telescope like your mount requires different levels of servicing for the different type of telescope that you may own.
For example a Newtonian will require frequent collimation that should be performed each observing session unlike Refractors, SCTs and RC type telescope that require annual collimation to keep your viewing optimal. We will recommend a service schedule and or training to self service depending on your Telescope type.

  • Telescope Collimation Precisely align all optics with laser guided aligning techniques, passive aligning tools and software assistance for the sharpest picture possible.
  • Component Upgrades Installation of computerized focusing, fine focus adjustment knobs, secondary adjustment thumb screws, mirror cell upgrade and much much more.
  • Astrograph Conversion An Astrograph is an upgraded standard telescope specifically optimized for Astrophotography. We can upgrade your standard telescope with various combination of modifications for the ultimate instrument.
  • Optics Cleaning Your optics are the single most important part of your telescope, cleaning your optics inside of your telescope is a delicate process that needs to be performed with the correct procedures to ensure the coating remains in pristine condition.

Combining regular servicing and upgrades can take your standard telescope from being just good enough to performing beyond your wildest expectations.

Education & Training

Astronomy Academy frequently holds education sessions in a classroom environment touching on topics such as PixInsight, Photoshop, Telescope Setup & Use and everything else in-between.
We have often been invited to speak for organizations such as Murdoch University, Curtin University, Western Australian Scouts & Scietech.

  • Fresh Lectures & Tutorials We always produce fresh content, specifically tailored to your exact requirements always working with you and on topic for your event.
  • Free Membership Workshops During the winter months when stargazing isn't quite possible we will frequently hold classroom training / workshop sessions based upon questions observed in our discussion groups & forums.
  • Star Gazing & Training Nights Just received a new telescope as a present or have a telescope and no idea how to use it? We can come to you and give you our Telescope 101 beginners course and bring our larger telescopes out for the fun
  • Camera Training Enjoy taking nightscape photography of the Milkey Way? Want to take the next step to deep sky photography and focus on all of the small beautiful nebulas that you can see? Why not come talk to us to see how easy the transition is
  • Active Facebook Group Want to be a part of a great community? Having a quick niggling question, come join in on the fun, banter & beautiful photos taken by us and our members and get some inspiration from our group

Getting the right advice first time is the hardest part of your Astronomy Journey. With the many different flavors of Astronomy it can be hard to decipher the good through all of the noise that is found on the internet and individual opinions. Astronomy Academy has a proven track record of guiding beginners with no experience into award winning Astrophotographers within months not years.

One-on-One Workshops

Have you got any burning questions from beginner to advanced, or struggling with specific aspects of Astrophotography?

Astronomy Academy can offer yourself or small groups One-on-One workshops to help with any questions from hardware to software and everything inbetween. We can even provide telescopes for the night to save you moving your own gear.